Change of Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Tunisia

 Mrs Louise De Sousa has been appointed Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Tunisian Republic in succession to Mr Hamish Cowell, who will be transferring to another Diplomatic Service appointment. Mrs De Sousa will take up her appointment during December 2016.

TBCC meeting with Dr.Andrew Murrison,PMTrade Envoy

At the invitation of the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Tunisia, a delegation from the Tunisian British Chamber of Commerce, headed by Mehdi Ben Abdallah, held a working meeting Thursday, April 21 with Andrew Murrison, recently appointed by Prime Minister David Cameron as the new Trade Envoy to Morocco and Tunisia.

The appointment of Andrew Murrison as Trade Envoy to Morocco and Tunisia is a strong signal sent by Prime Minister Cameron to support Tunisia to develop trade and investment opportunities.

This first visit in Tunisia Murrison and the importance he gave to the meeting with representatives of the Tunisian British Chamber of Commerce (TBCC) also reflects the attention that the trade envoy pays to the relationship and collaboration with the TBCC to work together for the success of the promotion of bilateral trade.

Several issues were raised during the workshop to better understand all necessary areas of actions that will help bring the respective business communities together and lay appropriate bridges to publicize and promote the potential in the Tunisia-UK relations.

Many sectoral opportunities were discussed, including energy, finance, tourism, new technologies or also food. The importance of strengthening collaboration in the education sector was also stressed.

However, obstacles have also been identified, which will need to be tackled, such as the Britons’ perception of the security environment in Tunisia and the difficulty for Tunisian business operators to get the visa for UK.

After this meeting, Mehdi Ben Abdallah has expressed his willingness to unite efforts of Murrison, the Embassy, ​​UKTI and TBCC to, through concrete actions, send a reassuring message to the British business community, investors and tourists to encourage them to choose Tunisia and trust in its potential and its ambition to be a partner of choice to the UK.

UK government communication expertise available to

(TAP) – “Partnership between the governments of Tunisia and the United Kingdom on communication has started six months ago and we expect it to continue within 2016 and 2017,”  said Executive Director for Government Communications in UK Alex Aiken.

Aiken, who met Monday with CEO of Tunis-Afrique-Presse (TAP) new agency Hamida El Bour at the headquarters of TAP, added that the UK government and Tunisia have a strong partnership in many areas and the purpose of his visit as a director for government communications is to help the Tunisian government improve its communications with the people and businesses and also improve its international ability to sell Tunisia’s image for tourism and for investment.

“We can offer to the Tunisian government, to the army forces, to the police services and to main government ministries our expertise about how to respond to any crisis situation, how to coordinate government departments and how to provide people with information that reassures them that the government is handling the situation in a correct manner and will do its best to get things much normal as it can,” he specified.

The UK official expressed hope to leave a legacy of a more confident government communication’s organisation, basic coordination with an ability to explain policies particularly around economic reform to  the people of Tunisia through the news media rooms and other direct channels.

TBCC Visit to CCI Tunis

 In response to the invitation of Mr Mounir Mouakher, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Tunis, Mr. Mehdi Ben Abdallah and Mr. Noureddine Hajji, respectively President and 1st Vice-President of the Tunisian British Chamber of Commerce, have paid  a courtesy visit on Wednesday 13 April to the CCIT on the occasion of which a number of issues were discussed, including the strengthening of the Tunisian British cooperation and collaboration between the two chambers to deliver a reassuring message to the British community in order to mobilize Investment and support the tourism sector.
There was also discussion on exploring the various possibilities to further support the Tunisian and British Companies and this through a regular Tunisian British Economic Forum  as well as involving TBCC in the "Tunisia-Trading" platform, A B2B platform Par Excellence allowing access to the opportunities of national and International Affairs.
A cooperation agreement has been discussed and will probably be formalized soon between the two chambers of commerce in order to reinforce the achievement of their common goals.

Election of the New Board of Directors of The TBCC

 The Elective General Assembly of the TBCC was held on Thursday, March 31, 2016 in les Berges du Lac and was presided by Hassine Doghri,TBCC President, and with the presence of His Excellency the Ambassador of the United Kingdom, Hamish Cowell.
Having heard and approved the activities report and the financial report, the General Assembly proceeded with the election of the new members.

In accordence with the articles of association of the chamber the Board of Directors has been elected:

President: Mehdi Ben Abdallah - Shell
1st Vice-Président:Noureddine Hajji - AMC Ernst & Young
2nd Vice-Président:Abdessalem Loued - Huilerie Loued
Secretary General:Ali Hjaiej - Clarke Energy
Under Secretary General : Fetah Krichen - North Africa Security
Treasurerr: Namia Ayadi - Ettijari Bank
Assistant Treasurer: Samira Zouari - Anadarko
Member & Honorary President: Hassine Doghri - La Carte 
Member: Khaled Ben Jemaa - SAM
Member: Maya Boureghda - Jurismed
Member: Mohamed Chaabouni - Vivo Energy
Member: Sami Chahed - REGUS
Member: Mohamed Ali Aboudi - MAAP

And the Ethics Committee: Ahmed Ben Ayed (consultant

HPR Speaker meets UK parliamentary delegation

The British government considers appointing an officer responsible for monitoring trade relations with Tunisia, members of a UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee delegation said on Thursday.

At their meeting, Thursday in Bardo with Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR), Mohamed Ennaceur, members of the delegation expressed UK’s commitment to support Tunisia and boost bilateral co-operation in different fields, particularly economic.

According to a statement from the HPR, members of the delegation led by Crispin Blunt, Chair of the Committee, also emphasised the importance of co-operation between parliamentary institutions in the two countries and the need to work to expand it.

Members of the delegation who follow with interest the democratic transition process in Tunisia stressed their admiration for the country’s successes that helped achieve political stability.

Mohamed Ennaceur noted with satisfaction the development of the Tunisia-UK relations, commending the support provided by the United Kingdom to Tunisia in the various stages of its democratic process.

New African Woman Forum Award in London

Four Tunisian women nominated for the New African Woman Forum award in London.

They will be four eminent Tunisian women to run for the New African Woman Forum award. The announcement of the winners will be made this Thursday, March 10th at a gala dinner to be attended by over 150 women leaders. The four Tunisian nominees are Hela Cheikhrouhou who heads the Green Climate Fund (Seoul), Habiba Chaabouni, professor of Medical Genetics, already winner of Unesco award, Habiba Ghribi, vice world champion and Olympic silver medalist on the 3000 m steeplechase and Donia Ben Mohamed, a young journalist, expert in francophone Africa who founded her Affrica News agency based in Paris and Dakar.

New African Woman Forum Awards ( ) rewards the outstanding work of women who have contributed significantly to the development of their community and their country Eleven Trophies will be awarded in several categories namely: African Woman of the year; rising star; Business; Political / Civil Service; Education; Science / Innovations; Finance; Sports media; Arts / Culture and Civil Society. The Awards celebrate 60 women who have distinguished themselves by their outstanding performance. The awards ceremony will take place at the prestigious gala dinner on Thursday, March 10, 2016 in London.

Tunisia - UK New Bilateral Project

A brand new bilateral project designed to assist the Government of Tunisia to strengthen its strategic communications began this week with a three day workshop in Tunis.

Experts from the UK visited Tunisia to share their experience and knowledge of the challenges all governments face when trying to communicate effectively. The UK delegation was led by Carol McCall, the Head of Civil Contingency Communications for the UK government, Alastair Campbell, Head of Communications for UK Counter-Terrorism policing, and Hannah Fletcher, Chief Press Officer for borders and security at the Home Office.

The seminar, attended by senior communicators from across the Government of Tunisia and hosted by the British Ambassador to Tunisia, Hamish Cowell, included sessions on strategic communications, structuring communications and media handling.

In his opening remarks Ambassador Hamish Cowell said: “The UK is committed to helping the Government of Tunisia continue to improve and to support the democratic transition, both now and in the future. Government communications is an essential part of that democratic process, informing citizens and enabling policy debate. I am delighted to host this conference where UK experts are sharing their learning and experience with their Tunisian colleagues. I hope that this partnership is ongoing and will ensure a higher level of preparedness and an increased capability to deal effectively with the shared challenges that Government communicators face. “

Carol McCall said: “It’s an honour to be invited to share our experiences with our Tunisian counterparts. We face a lot of the same challenges in our roles and it has been fascinating to see how we can learn from each other. “Skilled, passionate, talented government communicators don’t just inform their citizens: they provide information to help everyone make choices about their lives – choices which help to build the national economy, save and improve lives, protect the vulnerable, and promote the international reputation of the nation.”

The Ministry of Higher Education has signed a cooperation agreement with the  British Council aiming at fostering the teaching of English at Tunisian Universities.
The agreement includes university graduates, guaranteeing them a certified and an internationally recognized training.
The agreement aims to strengthen international cooperation between Tunisian universities and their British counterparts through the signing of partnership agreements and the creation of joint degrees between the Ministry of Higher Education and the British Council.

TBCC Annual General Assembly - 12 May 2015

 The Tunisian British Chamber of Commerce held its Annual General Assembly this Tuesday, May 12th, 2015. The agenda of the assembly included for instance, the review of the activity report, the financial report and the auditor’s report.
The Assembly was chaired by Mr. Hassine Doghri, President of the Tunisian British Chamber of Commerce and honoured with the presence of H.E. Ambassador Hamish Cowell, British Ambassador to Tunisia, whocongratulated the chamber for its achievements, encouraged it to pursue its development efforts and expressed his support for a more sustained collaboration between the chamber and the British Embassy.
The General Assembly was also an opportunity to mention the Tunisian British Chamber of Commerce’s objectives and to announce future events that will be taking place this year.

Les Chambres Mixtes du Commerce et de l\'Industrie

Nous les Chambres de Commerce et d’Industrie signataires de ce communiqué souhaitons condamner fermement les attentats lâches qui ont touché notre pays le Mercredi 18 mars et exprimer notre rejet de cette barbarie. Nos pensées attristées vont aux victimes de cet acte odieux et à leurs familles à qui nous exprimons notre totale solidarité dans l’épreuve qui les touche. En ce moment difficile, nous appelons toutes les forces du pays à l’unité pour combattre le terrorisme et toutes les formes de violence et à se mobiliser pour le redressement économique du pays en mettant l’intérêt général au dessus de tout.

Dans ce contexte nous rappelons notre engagement ferme à poursuivre nos efforts en la matière dans une logique d’ouverture et de collaboration constructive avec les partenaires économiques de notre pays. Par ailleurs et étant donné la criticité du moment et face à la détérioration continue de l’environnement des affaires en Tunisie, nous exhortons l’ensemble des acteurs politiques, économiques et partenaires sociaux à assumer leur responsabilité en soutenant la mise en place de mesures immédiates et concrètes susceptibles de restaurer un climat de confiance et rassurer la communauté d’affaire nationale et internationale, élément essentiel à la reprise de l’investissement dans notre pays.

Notre engagement est entier et nous faisons appel au sens civique de tous et au sens du devoir envers notre pays pour sauver la situation et remettre le pays sur le chemin du progrès et du développement.

TBCC-UKTI Workshop, 18 February 2015

The UK Government organisation for the promotion of trade and investment,(UKTI)  and the Tunisian British Chamber of Commerce (TBCC) have jointly organised the workshop “Tunisia –United Kingdom : Sharing experiences to support the Tunisian financial sector” in Tunis, at the residence of the British Ambassador, on the 18th of February 2015.
The workshop agenda included the intervention of The UKTI Financial Services Specialist, Mr. Philippe Gautier, who spoke about the experience of the City of London as “The world’s top financial center”. Mr. Gautier shared on this occasion best practices from London’s path of financial success, with Tunisian participants representing various financial actors.
This workshop was an opportunity for the Tunisian financial services experts and the Tunisian authorities to discuss ways to develop off-shore investment in Tunisia as a way to boost economic activity.
The Tunisian government was represented at this workshop in order to engage with the sector’s professionals on the best ways to lift the existing barriers in front of developing off-shore investment in Tunisia.
This workshop was one of the follow-up actions that UKTI and the British Embassy in Tunis implemented following the visit of the Lord Mayor of the City of London in June 2014. This workshop will be followed by a visit of a Tunisian delegation to the city of London.

TBCC-UK Embassy Meeting

The members of the Board of the Tunisian British Chamber of Commerce held a meeting on December 17th, 2014 with his Excellency Ambassador Hamish Cowell where they introduced their program for the coming year and expressed their will to strengthen the ties between the TBCC and the British Embassy.

The main lines of the TBCC’s program were the following:

- Organise regular local events with key speakers from Tunisia and the United Kingdom in collaboration with the British Embassy;
- Send delegations to British Chambers of Commerce in the UK in order to promote Tunisian investment and follow-up on MoUs already signed with British Chambers of Commerce in the UK;
- Launch the British Chamber of Commerce network accreditation process;
- Focus on relevant sectors to develop business relations between Tunisia and the United Kingdom. Main targeted sectors: energy, finance, IT, education, services and health;
- MoUs: sign three MoUs by the end of 2015 in relevant sectors and re-energise the MoU on energy that was signed 10 years ago;
- Strengthen collaboration with other Joint Chambers in Tunisia.

The Ambassador approved this program and expressed his support and encouragements to the Tunisian British Chamber of Commerce.

UK-Tunisia Bilateral Forum

Following the UK-Tunisia Bilateral Forum, Minister for the Middle East Tobias Ellwood said: I am delighted to have hosted Tunisian Deputy Foreign Minister Gouia at the UK-Tunisia Bilateral Forum today, the first since Tunisia’s 2011 revolution. I warmly welcome our greater cooperation. The UK has strongly supported Tunisia’s successful democratic transition, which has become a model for the region. Together we look forward to further strengthening ties across a wide range of sectors, to our countries’ shared benefit.
I committed the UK to providing further counter-terrorist equipment and training; sharing expertise in public-private partnerships and developing regulatory frameworks in the energy sector; and supporting the establishment of a branch of Brighton University in Tunisia, and English language learning. We also held productive discussions on a range of regional issues, including Libya, Iraq and Syria.

TBCC - British Council Partnership Agreement

 The Tunisian-British Chamber of Commerce (TBCC) and the British Council signed recently a partnership agreement to organise two training session "Business English" and "English for Finance," to be offered by TBCC to its members and taught by British Council teachers.

It was also agreed to launch the campaign "English Language Week for Tunisia," May 26-31 in the governorates of Tunis, Jendouba, Gafsa, Gabes and Sfax.

The programme of this campaign organised by the British Council in partnership with TBCC and the UK embassy in Tunis, includes debates, workshops, competitions, videos, games and other activities.

The objective is "to improve and support beginners in English."

The agreement was signed during a ceremony held on the occasion of the TBCC Board of Directors meeting, with attendance of UK ambassador in Tunis Hamish Cowel and British Council Programme Director Kiros Langston

Breakfast Debate, 11 April 2014

Industry & Energy Sector: Strategic Directions to Promote Cooperation Between Tunisia & the UK  was the focus of a breakfast debate held by the Tunisian-British Chamber of Commerce, Friday morning in Tunis. The debate was chaired by Minister of Industry, Energy and Mines Kamel Ben Naceur.

The minister stated that the current government is working on accelerating the implementation of industrial zones so as to attract more investments and launch industrial projects.

"We are working with our European partners to have a better management of these industrial zones," he indicated.

The Industry Ministry is also making considerable efforts "to win back the confidence of national and international investors which has been lost over the last few years," Ben Naceur said, adding that his department works on fighting corruption and ensuring transparency in the industry field.
He stressed that the government stands firm against strikes observed for no particular reason, adding "no work, no pay."

British delegation led by MP Stefan O\'brien to

Foreign minister Mongi Hamdi has received, in Tunis, a British delegation led by MP Stefan O\'brien, special envoy of his government for the Sahel region, who is visiting Tunisia "to develop security cooperation between the two countries,"

Mongi Hamdi welcomed the UK for its constant support to Tunisia, stressing the importance of strengthening and diversifying the bilateral cooperation particularly in the economic and financial sectors.

Kerkennah Chergui 6 gas field starts production

 A new gas field Chergui 6, operated by British Group Petrofac on the Island of Kerkennah started production on Friday, after eight months of delay because of social tension.

The 9th World Islamic Economic Forum

An important Tunisian delegation led by Industry Minister Mehdi Jomâa with the participation of TBCC board members will be taking part in the 9th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) on October 29-31 at the Excel London.  At the 9th WIEF, sessions will be adapted to increase delegates\\\' participation as they explore business and investment opportunities, as well as engage in discourse on topical issues and how best to address them. Key areas of focus at the forum in London include Islamic banking and finance, technology, infrastructure development, health, exports, education and youth. 

TBCC Members\' Visit to the United Kingdom

 Within the framework of the G8 Deauville Partnership Investment Conference which will be held on 16 september 2013 in London, a Tunisian delegation, including TBCC Board of Directors and members of the Chamber, is visting the UK in the aim of establishing connections with British business partners and deepen commercial ties between Tunisia and the UK

Women\'s Role in Arab Countries - London

Supporting Open Economies, Inclusive Growth – Women\'s Role In Arab Countries
London 25th-26th June
Over 1 billion women will enter the global labour force over the next decade. Arab business women are at the forefront of global markets and their business networks will play an increasing role in promoting trade and creating jobs in the Middle East, North Africa (MENA) and elsewhere.
The conference, held under the auspices of the G8 Deauville Partnership with Arab Countries in Transition, will aim to create new business partnerships between G8 and Arab business women to achieve shared prosperity, taking into account women’s increasing importance in the global economy. Justine Greening, UK Secretary of State at the Department for International Development and Alistair Burt, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the FCO, will be among a number of prominent G8 and Arab speakers, including from Gulf and North African states and leading international institutions such as The Islamic Development Bank, World Bank, EBRD and OECD. Presentations are also anticipated from a number of other senior figures from leading international organisations, governments, businesses, investors and civil society.
The conference will consider how the economic climate affects women’s participation in the labour force and highlight women’s important contribution to economic growth. 

Opportunities In Tunisia

Opportunities in Tunisia is an exclusive event hosted by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce as part of its programme of business activities which aim to give British companies an unparalleled insight into selected economies of the Arab world. The event is designed to provide businesses with a unique platform for dialogue and discussion concerning trade with Tunisia and to highlight the latest investment opportunities in the country.
The event will take place from 3.30pm – 6.00pm on Thursday, 27 June 2013, during which time delegates will have the opportunity to listen to experts on the Tunisian economy and discuss prospects for cooperation with their Tunisian counterparts.
The talks will be followed by a networking reception, where delegates will meet key stakeholders, make worthwhile contacts and establish strategic partnerships.
To register your attendance please go to: 

Agreement to organise British businessmen mission

 TUNIS (TAP) - Tunisia and Great Britain agreed to organise, shortly, a visit of British businessmen inTunisia, to enquire about the investment opportunitiesavailable in the country in the different sectors and presentproposals for the achievement of projects in the country.

The organisation of this visit was decided at the end of thetalk which gathered, on Friday in Tunis, Industry Minister Mehdi Jomaa with Christopher O\'Connor, British ambassador in Tunis…

2nd Business conventions of Industry and Supply

TPM organizes the 2nd business conventions of industry and supply Thursday, May 16, 2013 at the headquarter of ‘’UTICA’’ Tunis. This B2B event aims to energize and implement trade relations between the various public and private tunisian and foreign companies .

The event will bring together over 1000 decision makers of industry and supply submitting tenders and offers focused on subcontracting, equipment, industrial supplies and services. It is intended for commercial and purchasing / technical department of Tunisian / foreign companies,  public / private, local / offshore, SMEs / larger accounts operating in the mechanical, metallurgical, electrical, electronic, telecommunication, plastics, packaging, chemical, petroleum and service’s sectors.

Over 100 MTD devoted by British Gas to prospect na

Tunis(TAP) - "British Gas has devoted over 100 million-dinar investments for natural gas research and prospection in Tunisia in 2013," Director-General of the Group in charge of MENA Region Chris Finlaysor announced on Friday in Tunis.

The official said that the group will seek to find new methods to develop its activities in the country and study the possibility to create a fund tasked with investment in several sectors including infrastructure.

After consultation with the Tunisian authorities and government, said Finlaysor, British Gas will keep on investing in Tunisia and explore new opportunities of natural gas prospection and supply in the country.

Present at the meeting, Industry Minister Mohamed Lamine Chakhari said that the group takes "great interest" in investing in Tunisia, adding it had reasserted "commitment" to develop its activities in the country over the long term.

British golfers pick Tunisia

(TAP) - A group of 40 British golfers, most of whom top-level players, picked Hammamet, northern Tunisia, to play host to the final of a golf tournament as part of the first Tunisia Golf Festival.!/TUNBRITChamber
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