TBCC Visit To Gabes: 5+1 Forum

TBCC Visit To Gabes: 5+1 Forum

Within the framework of a forum on investment opportunities in Gabes organized on 23 November 2017 by the Junior Chamber International of Gabes, in partnership with Gabes governorate, the South-East Chamber of Commerce and the Tunisian British Chamber of Commerce (TBCC), a delegation of members of the Executive Board, members of the TBCC and the representative of the British Embassy in Tunisia, participated in this event to explore and discuss investment opportunities in the region of Gabes.

On this occasion, Mongi Thameur, Governor of Gabes, opened the forum by highlighting the assets of this region, including its strategic location and its logistics area. Mr. Thameur added that in addition to its agricultural and industrial wealth, Gabes has the human resources with the necessary skills and  know-how that can ensure and develop a favorable climate for local and foreign investment in various sectors.

In this regard, Mehdi Ben Abdallah, President of the Tunisian British Chamber of Commerce, expressed his enthusiasm about the potentials of this region, while stressing the importance of communicating in an effective way to promote these assets, value this know-how and create a better and sustainable business environment. Mr. Ben Abdallah also expressed the support of the TBCC to bridge the communication gap and become the Ambassador of Gabes people to the British business community. He also highlighted the importance to be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities for bilateral collaboration that will emerge from the implementation of the Brexit.

Mr. Paul Lawrence, the representative of the British Embassy in Tunisia and Director of the Department for International Trade, said that Britain has a special interest in projects in infrastructure, energy, finance, agribusiness, health and education in Tunisia, and is ready to explore the different opportunities that the Gabes region can offer.

At the end of this meeting, Ahmed Achour, President of the Junior Chamber International of Gabes, said that JCI Gabes is developing its 2020 action plan which will include a close collaboration with the Joint chambers.

Mr. Ridha Kilani, President of the Southeast Chamber of Commerce and Industry, welcomed the participation of the Tunisian British Chamber of Commerce. He also recalled that Gabes has a great in various sectors multi that is not limited to the chemical industry. He emphasized the importance of having a long-term vision for Gabes that includes tourism development.