The Tunisian Moulin Mahjoub, among the 2021 Great Taste Award Winners

The Tunisian Moulin Mahjoub, among the 2021 Great Taste Award Winners

After a particularly challenging period, we are delighted to announce that we have received 6 Great Taste stars in the 2021 edition of the prestigious competition organised by the Guild of Fine Foods. Moulins Mahjoub is one of these six winners.

The organic sundried tomatoes by Moulins Mahjoub (200g format) are prepared at the peak of the summer heat when temperatures can exceed 40 degrees celsius. About 3 kg of fresh tomatoes are required to produce 200g of sun-dried tomatoes. Extra virgin olive oil is used to preserve the maximum amount of flavours of the tomatoes. We recommend the organic sun-dried tomatoes cold with salads and anti-pasti or warm in sauces and stews.

Based in Tebourba in the lush Medjerda Valley in the North of Tunisia, Moulins Mahjoub is an organic farm which produces natural ingredients and recipes typical of the Southern Mediterranean cuisine. Inspired by the Berber tradition, Moulins Mahjoub has been developing its recipes over close to 30 years seeking to share the authentic and natural taste of the Tunisian food. As with all of the Mahjoub products, they are produced using traditional farming methods with no additives or artificial processes. The Moulins Mahjoub ingredients are used by chefs around the world.

Ingredients: sun-dried tomatoes , virgin olive oil , salt, herbs

Source : The Artisan Olive Oil Compagny