Mr. Mehdi Ben Abdallah, TBCC President, On Express Fm Radio

Mr. Mehdi Ben Abdallah, TBCC President, On Express Fm Radio

We need to strengthen relations between Tunisia and Great Britain and bring the respective business communities closer together, said Mehdi Ben Abdallah President of the Tunisian-British Chamber of Commerce (TBCC) in an interview with Express FM. 

He highlighted the importance of the role of the TBCC in promoting trade and investment between Tunisia and Great Britain.

The TBCC is the partner of choice for Tunisian-British companies and business leaders, he went on saying.

The Tunisian-British Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organisation established by Tunisian and British businessmen in order to enhance business, investment and economic relations between Tunisia and the United Kingdom, Mehdi Ben Abdallah noted.

The TBCC President emphasised the importance of teamwork to meet the future challenges underlining the need to involve all members of the chamber to discuss the opportunities to be a partner of the government so as to look at ways and means to improve business and investment environment.

In this interview, Mehdi Ben Abdallah referred to the recent creation of the mixed chambers of commerce council in Tunis, chaired by Foued Lakhwa, from the Tunisian-French Chamber of Commerce.

TBCC President said that the establishment of the mixed chambers of commerce council aims to gather and join the forces of all the chambers and to promote Tunisia abroad while starting a solid and credible interlocutor to the Tunisian government. “We are now 14 chambers and we represent about 3,500 companies and 350, 000 jobs, “Mehdi Ben Abdallah said.

The council of mixed chambers has become an important stakeholder in Tunisia’s economic landscape, he underlined.

Talking about the Brexit, TBCC President reviewed the renewed interest of the British to Tunisia, a resurgence that has been confirmed by many official visits of recent months in addition to the lifting of the travel restriction, and the resumption of British tour operator activities.

Great Britain seeks to develop its bilateral relations with Tunisia which is an excellent opportunity for the Tunisian-British relations leading to a large rapprochement, said Mehdi Ben Abdallah.

It is worth reminding that the Tunisian British Chamber of Commerce (TBCC) organised a Tunisian business delegation visit to London on  September 26 – 27, 2017, upon the invitation of the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Dr. Andrew Parmley, following his last visit to Tunisia.

This business mission was an occasion to promote, as part of a forum held on the occasion, the Tunisia site as a trade and investment place, and also to explore and to encourage new opportunities for partnerships with the United Kingdom.

The event also provided the opportunity for the participants to discuss the business climate and investment opportunities in Tunisia post Brexit.

The participating enterprises represented sectors of interest to the British business leaders such as finance, renewable energies, agro-food, education, car industry, tourism and information technologies.

Besides, the gathering offered the occasion to discuss the development of the Tunisian-British business and economic environment, placing emphasis on the British government’s renewed interest through the numerous visits of British officials to Tunisia recently, as well as on the lifting of the travel ban on Tunisia as well as the Brexit.