Meeting With Dr. Andrew Murrison, Special Envoy For Trade With Morocco & Tunisia

Meeting With Dr. Andrew Murrison, Special Envoy For Trade With Morocco & Tunisia

At the invitation of the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Tunisia, a delegation of the Tunisian-British Chamber of Commerce, chaired by Mr. Mehdi Ben Abdallah, held a working meeting on Thursday 21 April with Dr. Andrew Murrison , Recently appointed by Prime Minister David Cameron as the new special envoy for trade with Morocco and Tunisia.

The appointment of Dr. Murrison is a powerful signal from Prime Minister Cameron in support of Tunisia to develop trade and investment opportunities.

This first visit to Tunisia by Dr Murrison and the importance he gave to the meeting with the representatives of the Tunisian-British Chamber of Commerce (TBCC) also shows the interest of the Special Envoy for Trade in the relationship and collaboration with the TBCC to work together to the successful promotion of bilateral economic exchanges.

Several points have been raised during this working meeting in order to better identify the action areas needed to bring together the respective business communities and to create the appropriate bridges to promote the available potential in the bilateral Tunisian-British relationship

Many sectoral opportunities have been discussed, including energy, finance, tourism, new technologies and agro-food, as well as the importance of strengthening collaboration in the Education sector. Some obstacles have also been identified, such as the British perception regarding the security environment in Tunisia and the difficulty for Tunisian businessmen and women to obtain a visa for Great Britain.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Mehdi Ben Abdallah expressed his willingness to join the efforts of Dr. Murrison, the Embassy, the UKTI, and the TBCC to send a reassuring message through concrete actions to the business community, investors and tourists to encourage them to choose Tunisia and to trust its potential and ambition to be a partner of choice of the United Kingdom.